Things to Consider When You Are Addicted to Drugs

Individuals who have acquired a debilitating and painful disease or serious injury where chronic pain is a side effect may be prescribed oxycontin for pain relief. Oxycontin is a powerful narcotic used for mild to moderate pain. Long-term use may result in an addiction. Dependency, while possible to overcome without help, may require medical intervention […]

Safe Handling Procedures of Hazardous Drugs

Safe Handling Procedures are the most interesting issue for many health organizations as the problem of exposures to Hazardous Drugs are rising cause in many health organization. There are many health related guidelines were published by these health organizations to assist them and protect both patient and health care workers.  The National Institute for Occupational […]


Drug Use Costs Hundreds Of Billions

American carries a heavy self-inflicted burden when it comes to handling the ills of society. With the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya and burdening of drug abuse in this country its mind-blowing. The Department of Justice has released a study done on the economic impact illicit drug abuse has on this country and […]